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SIP Load Balancer
Turnkey Distributed VoIP

What is SIP Load Balancing?

  • SIP Load Balancing is the practice of distributing VoIP traffic to pre-designated VoIP servers in order to process the request.
  • However, not all SIP Load Balancing is created equal.  With our solution, you can specify parameters that assist your network intelligently handle increases in traffic.  You can specify:​​
    • Create a highly available (HA) VoIP solution with an easy to use interface.​
    • Instantly deploy SIP Load Balancing resources in over 30 global locations, reducing the round-trip.
    • Predefine how many calls each VoIP server should handle.
    • Automatically reroute traffic based on conditions.
    • Automatically perform health checks on other VoIP servers and determine if they are healthy enough to accept traffic.

How to Get Started

Step 4

Relax... You Are Done.

That's it.  Let us do the heavy lifting.

Step 2

List specific IP addresses, or networks, from which your SIP Load Balancer can accept traffic. Traffic from sources not included in this list will be automatically rejected by the SIP Load Balancer.

Add Your Authorized IPs or Networks

Step 1

Create your SIP Load Balancer

Instantly deploy and secure your SIP Balancer from an intuitive user experience.

Step 3

Add Your Endpoints

Direct your traffic effortlessly by specifying your destinations. The SIP Load Balancer seamlessly handles the rest, ensuring optimal distribution without hassle.

Powerful, Vigilant and Easy to Use

Get Started with SIP Load Balancer Today

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